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Interlocking Tiled Roofs

A pitched roof is the most common type of roof used in new buildings. The Pitched roofing design includes a system of structural elements usually made from timber which provide support to a felt, board or breather membrane underlay. Over the underlay, tiling battens are nailed directly to the structural elements, providing support and a fixing point for a weather proof layer which normally consists of clay, concrete or slate tiles.

The primary function of a pitched roof is to redirect water away from a building in poor weather conditions; however it has also become an increasingly important element when considering the most cost effective ways in which energy use in buildings can be saved.

Pitched roofs have traditionally been insulated at ceiling level, i.e. between the ceiling joists. This results in what is known as a ‘cold pitched roof’. The enclosed roof space in many buildings is increasingly being recognised as a potential area that can be used as a habitable space where insulation is placed in the slope of the roof, between rafters.

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