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Torch on Roofs

Torchdown roofing is sometimes also referred to as rubberized asphalt and is the most common type of roofing to be used on flat roofs. The asphalt is melted onto the roof using a torch creating an impermeable roof that has an average life of between 15 and 20 years. It is ideal for flat roofs because of the protection it offers from rainwater that might collect on the surface. The cost is only slightly more than the traditional tar and gravel that is frequently used to cover flat roofs but torchdown roofing gives slightly better results.

Torch on roofs has none of the noxious fumes associated with tar roofs.

Anyone who has had a tar roof installed on their house or anywhere near their house will understand comments regarding the hideous fumes that are emitted during the process. Many people even find it necessary to move out because of this smell often adding extra expense to the cost of fitting a new roof, however, with torchdown roofing this isn’t a problem.

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